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Articulating poetic justice in every realm…

Out of the boroughs of Boston, the enlightened hip-hop movement gave birth to a thoroughbred. Born in La Ceiba, Honduras, Rey Leon is one of the gems of an era that has been dominated by a game in which money and greed forsake the passion for music.

Rey Leon stepped into the role of creator in the 10th grade, free-styling in studio basements and school lunchrooms. His unique style was praised by his peers and he continued to hone his live performance every chance he got. After performing at open mics, he made his debut during Boston’s Annual Youth Peace Conference at The Strand Theater. Although he only performed one song, “Urban Abstract” featuring EK, this daring act was a declaration.

After releasing his project album “The Pledge EP” in the spring of 2010 Rey Leon teamed up with local filmmaker Rene Dongo to produce a video for the song, “I Still Love Her” featuring B-Magic of B&B. This take on the classic Common song reaffirms Rey Leon’s love for real Hip-Hop which continues to survive the industry’s assault on creativity and content.

“The Pledge LP,” a full extended version features collaborations with various other local and underground artists including as Catch Wreck, Illy Sav, Simone Iman and Clutch just to name a few.

In late 2010/2011, Rey Leon was faced with an ultimatum. He deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom as an Infantry soldier. Being overseas at war could have halted his progress in music, instead, it only fueled his hunger. During his time overseas, he wrote to keep his mind elevated and sharp. He performed for his comrades to keep their spirits up and share his creativity and passion for music, even becoming the subject of an article published across military news services.

An infantry soldier using his music to raise the consciousness of his community, Rey Leon is dedicated to the true spirit of hip-hop: expression for empowerment.


The Pledge LP

Stay Tuned for “The Pledge LP” In the works now.

The Pledge EP

Rey Leon’s Debut Project “The Pledge EP.” Features B-Magic, Tarzan, Clutch, EK, Illiam Savant and Catch Wreck. Check out the videos for the singles “Ooo You Didn’t Know” and “I Still Love Her.”


Rey Leon | The Pledge Intro [Official Video]

Filmed by BD3 Films
Edited by Byrd Da 3rd

Street Resurgence Response



Hopefully this song can be utilized to empower the urban youth and raise awareness for a positive goal.

The streets need to wake up and start uplifting. Save the community, the culture, and most of all-the youth!

Scope Urban Apparel – Get Much Higher


Check out my feature in the new Scope Urban Apparel promo video. Stay tuned for more in 2012.

King’s Conflict ft. Tarzan

Rey Leon and Tarzan: King’s Conflict off of the upcoming Pledge LP. Video by Treebird Media.


Classic ft. EK

Rey Leon and EK. Video by Dante Luna.


Ooo…You Didn’t Know ft. Catch Wreck & Illiam Savant

Rey Leon, Catch Wreck and Illiam Savant come together as Grindmode unleashing a fury of passion for creating music. Video by Rene Dongo.


I Still Love Her ft. B-Magic

Rey Leon, a Boston based MC, brings a tale of love in his debut music video featuring B-Magic. Off “The Pledge EP.” Video by Rene Dongo.